Poisoned Storm

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Within the ranks of the Arcanists, a specialized group known as the Elementals takes center stage, harnessing the forces of nature itself to their advantage. Among them, the Poison Gamin and the Wind Gamin stand as prime examples of the mastery over elemental energies that defines the faction.

The Poison Gamin, creatures imbued with the essence of toxicity and corruption, emanate an aura of danger and trepidation. Their very presence on the battlefield is a reminder of the chaotic and destructive potential of the elemental forces they command. These entities can unleash venomous attacks that weaken and incapacitate their foes, reflecting their affinity for harnessing the deadliest aspects of nature.

On the opposite spectrum, the Wind Gamin embody the aspects of air and movement. With their ethereal presence, they glide across the battlefield with unparalleled swiftness, their movements as unpredictable as the winds themselves. These beings possess the power to manipulate the air around them, creating gusts and currents that hinder their enemies' actions and grant their allies an advantage in positioning.

Together, the Poison Gamin and Wind Gamin showcase the versatility and potency of elemental magic within the Arcanist faction. Their presence highlights the faction's ability to wield the very forces of nature to achieve their goals, whether it be through poison-infused attacks or strategic manipulation of the winds to shift the tide of battle. As the Arcanists continue to harness and refine their elemental abilities, they stand as a formidable force to be reckoned with on the fields of Malifaux.


  • Poison Gamin x3
  • Wind Gamin x3


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