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A Plague-Claw Catapult is a foul contraption that hurls contagion and disease of all kinds into the ranks of the Pestilen Clan's enemies.

Since their rise to power, the Clan Pestilens have worked hard to create new strains of disease. The bubbling vats of carcasses, warpstones, and fetid innards constantly brew vile brews. Though the plague monks failed to create the ultimate contagion to rid the world of all surface creatures, they have discovered that their pestilent by-products make worthy weapons of their own. The unbalanced mix of poisons, chanted magic, and disease-soaked corpses result in a liquid that can kill on contact.

Over the centuries, many have suffered at the wrath of the Pestilens clan's foul creations. Rival clans were utterly devastated when polluted sewage was pumped in to flood enemy caves and pens. In the Southlands, crude torsion devices first began to hurl vile substances at the enemy in battle. Plague Monks learned to deliver their plague-heavy charges via catapult, the erupting spurt of deadly content that killed targets in a poison storm. Those splattered by the half-curdled liquid see their skin simultaneously peeling off in ruins and breaking out in glistening sores elsewhere. Armor offers no protection against such vile weapons.

After reconciliation after the Second Civil War, Clan Pestilens received technical assistance from Clan Skryre's Warlock Engineers. Soon the primitive war machines built by the Plague Monks were replaced by what are now known as Plagueclaw Catapults. These hideous war machines are great pennant- and rune-adorned scaffolding towers with wheels to which torsion-driven arms are attached. Positioned by ragged acolytes of the Pestilens clan, the clawed arm of a plagueclaw catapult retracts and unleashes to hurl a hideous death, a putrid concoction of disease-soaked corpses, half-coagulated poisons, and even traces of warpstone. The toxic semi-liquid leaves a glowing streak in the sky as it moves toward Earth.

This multi-part plastic kit contains 51 components and a Citadel 120mm Oval base with which to build either a Plagueclaw or a Warp Lightning Cannon.


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