Pit Dredger Camp

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In the corrupted wastes of the Eightpoints, a fierce struggle rages for possession of varanite - a mysterious substance containing the liquid power of chaos. Bubbling veins of this transmutative realmstone are drawn from the depths in sweltering mines, where desperate workers toil at resilient machines animated by demonic intelligence. In these places of infernal industry, warbands fight for the varanite deposits in the name of the forces of darkness, using the hideous environment itself as a weapon to crush their enemies and ensure victory.

This multi-part plastic terrain kit lets you recreate the claustrophobic industrial hell of a mine in the Eightgates. Here you can fight for the blood-soaked loot of a mining excavator. Build your playfield from 11 modular Warcry scenery pieces that include:

  • 1 x pit excavator
  • 1 x wooden scaffold
  • 1 x wooden walkway
  • 2 x small ladders that are attached without glue and thus offer new climbing opportunities
  • 6 x wash troughs in different lengths and designs

These scenery pieces can be assembled without glue in a wide variety of configurations, allowing you to create a network of wooden scaffolding, boardwalks and sluices to suit your play needs. The set is also fully compatible with Ravaged Lands: Varanite Siphon Camp, allowing you to assemble, rearrange and expand a massive modular mining complex. You don't have to be limited to Warcry either - this terrain can also be used in Warhammer Age of Sigmar and in any other setting you find appropriate.

The box also includes a Varanite Pits board - a double-sided 22" x 30" foldable board ideal for Warcry games.
On one side you'll find the bubbling and liquefied pits of a varanite mine, while the other features an ash-filled wasteland that goes well with the Eightgates. Also included are two double-sided token sheets with a total of 79 tokens that can be used for activations, targets, damage and more in your Warcry games.

This kit consists of 86 plastic parts. These miniatures come unpainted and require assembly - we recommend Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Paints. Note that some parts should be assembled without glue.


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