Pink Horrors of Tzeentch

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Tzeentch creates almost all of them as happy, madly chattering Pink Horrors. Aside from their bright color, Pink Horrors are also characterized by their insanely happy nature; their constantly emitting sounds of almost ecstatic excitement give rise to the other two names by which they are sometimes known; the Squealer or Screamer (although, fittingly, for an entity as confusing and obscure as Tzeentch, a separate Tzeentchian demon exists, referred to as the Screamer, and entirely distinct from Screaming Horrors). This inherently random noise, especially when Pink Horrors are in groups, is said to be particularly annoying and can drive the moronic insane. To amplify the cacophony of the senses, Pink Horrors leave trails of pink smoke and light as they move; and they're always moving, running, scurrying, and screaming all over the place. Some are armed with an Instrument of Chaos or a Blasted Standard.

Like other demons of Tzeentch, they are capable of sorcery. Depending on a horror's power, this sorcery can range from ordinary hurling warp flames or bolts of alternation[3] to more exotic powers, such as z and exotic musical instruments. The most powerful Horrors belong to the ranks of the Daemonic Heralds, some of whom ride Burning Chariots of Tzeentch. Pink Horrors units are led by a Shiny Horror - especially enraged Horrors.

Pink Horrors enjoy casting spells, and such aggressive actions will only spur them into wilder behavior and greater expressions of manic excitement. Horror Packs rely heavily on their ranged magic attacks, but even in melee they are difficult to deal with. Though weaker than most other demons in melee combat, their magical, writhing bodies are difficult to destroy; They enjoy a contradictory blessing from Tzeentch, which makes their highly mutable forms resilient to alteration by external forces, and can in fact regenerate entire limbs with ease. Upon dying (something else that seems to bring them unnatural pleasure), they magically transform into two blue horrors with a final whoop of joy.

This set contains ten multi-part, multi-part plastic Pink Horrors. This set contains all of the components needed to assemble a hornblower, an icon bearer (with a giant, flaming Tzeentian icon), and an iridescent terror, a champion that gleefully deals death with its grasping hands.

This kit comes as 55 components, and is supplied with 10 Citadel 32mm Round bases.


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