Pike & Shotte Rulebook (Softback)

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Pike & Shotte Rulebook
Battles with model soldiers in the 16th and 17th centuries

This book´s aim is to enable you to recreate the deeds and battles of the fighting men of that time with armies of model soldiers on the tabletop.

The rules for all the fundamentals of warfare, such as the command of troops, movement on the battlefield, the effects of shooting with an assortment of ranged weapons, the role of morale as well as close quarter combat. Detailed rules and separate army lists cover the differences in the methods of fighting throughout the period, and the book also includes numerous examples of further rules allowing players to tailor games to their own preference.

The Pike & Shotte rulebook coves Tudor warfare, the Thirty Years War, English Civil Wars, Italian Wars, Tudor Wars in the British Isles and War of the Grand Alliance. There are six complete examples of battles within this book, embracing a range of conflicts that occurred between 1500 and 1700 - both real and imagined:

  • Battle of Pavia, 1525 - French and Imperial Forces clash in the Italian Wars
  • It´s a Long Way to Killarney, 1573 - The English attempt to squash the Desmond Rebellion in Elizabethan Ireland
  • Blood on the Danube, 1632 - An army of the Holy Roman Empire resists the Swedish advancein the Thirty Years War
  • Smart Battalia, 1644 - The Battle of Cropredy Bridge in the English Civil War
  • The Siege of Worcester, 1651 - An alternate history scenario for the English Civil War
  • Battle of Walcourt, 1689 - The French army threatens to crush the allies in the War of the Grand Alliance


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