Pike & Shotte Epic Battles - English Civil Wars Parliament Commanders

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During a tumultuous period in English history, the Parliament stood resolute in the face of King Charles I's escalating authoritarianism. Refusing to yield to the King's absolute rule, Parliament became a beacon of opposition, challenging the monarchy's unchecked power. As tensions reached a boiling point, King Charles I dissolved Parliament, viewing it as a threat to his authority. In response, the Parliamentarian forces, known as the 'Roundheads,' led by influential figures such as Oliver Cromwell, Sir Thomas Fairfax, and Robert Devereux, the Earl of Essex, took up arms against the King's oppressive regime.

The 'Roundhead' armies, loyal to the Parliament, fought valiantly to put an end to the unjust rule of King Charles I. These armies became the vanguards of the Parliamentary cause, embodying the ideals of constitutionalism, religious freedom, and the rights of the people. Under the command of skilled leaders like Cromwell, Fairfax, and Essex, the Parliamentarian forces clashed with the Royalist armies in a protracted struggle for control over the destiny of the nation.

Oliver Cromwell, a military and political genius, emerged as a formidable leader within the Parliamentarian ranks. His strategic brilliance and unwavering commitment to the cause played a pivotal role in turning the tide of the conflict. Sir Thomas Fairfax, an esteemed general, brought discipline and tactical prowess to the armies, earning the respect and loyalty of his troops. The Earl of Essex, Robert Devereux, contributed his vast military experience and led his forces with a sense of duty and honor.

The Parliamentarian armies fought not only for their own rights and freedoms but also for the principles they believed were essential for a just and fair society. Their struggle against King Charles I and his Royalist supporters marked a significant chapter in English history, ultimately leading to the establishment of a republic known as the Commonwealth of England.

Contains five Warlord ResinTM Mounted figures:

  • Oliver Cromwell
  • Sir Thomas Fairfax
  • Sir Arthur Haselrig
  • Sir William Waller
  • The Earl of Essex

  • Language: English
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