Pike & Shotte Epic Battles - English Civil Wars Infantry Battalia

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Pike & Shotte Epic Battles is all about building up your armies to create a realistic and awe-inspiring tabletop battlefield. The Infantry Battalia box is an exciting addition to the first wave of releases, offering players the chance to expand their forces and take their battles to the next level. With three sprues included, each containing 80 miniatures, the box provides a solid foundation for any army.

The miniatures themselves are exquisitely detailed, with individual modeling on each pikeman in the front rank holding their 16-foot weapons, as well as supporting comrades with shouldered weapons and a command post with a captain, drummer, and a pair of flag-waving ensigns. On either side of the regiment are matchlock-armed shotguns, which were the most important assault weapon of the period.

In addition to the impressive miniatures, the Infantry Battalia box includes a Royalist and Parliamentarian flag sheet for the English Civil Wars. With these, you can fully immerse yourself in the era and recreate the look and feel of the historical conflicts that Pike & Shotte Epic Battles is all about. Don't miss the chance to add this exciting expansion to your collection and create truly epic tabletop battles.

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