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The story of the two brothers from the Shadow Crows is one of both tragedy and transformation. In a clan where the Soulless were previously seen as failures and outcasts, these siblings defied expectations by being born into the clan as soulless individuals or perhaps molded into soullessness through their experiences.

Remarkably, their disappearance went largely unnoticed and uninvestigated, even by their own parents, reflecting the harsh and unforgiving environment within the Shadow Crows. Abandoned and left to their own devices, they found refuge with the Shadow Wind clan, a group that specialized in rigorous training and discipline. This challenging environment pushed them to their limits, revealing the depths of their resilience and determination.

As a final test of their loyalty and commitment, the two brothers faced a pivotal decision. They had initially planned to eliminate an adept to secure their place within the Shadow Wind clan, but after deliberation, they opted for a more brutal course of action, taking the life of both the third party and the adept for good measure. This ruthless act demonstrated their willingness to go to any lengths to achieve their goals, earning them the right to undertake missions deemed impossible by others.

Despite the disturbing nature of their capabilities and the unease they may elicit from their leaders, these brothers have proven their worth time and again. Their transformation from castaways to formidable members of the Shadow Wind clan underscores their resilience and adaptability in the unforgiving world they inhabit.


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