Perdita Core Box

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Enter the heart of familial bonds and fierce loyalty with this captivating set, embodying the unity and strength of the Family keyword. These figures are bound not only by blood but by unbreakable ties that shape their strategies and interactions on the tabletop.

At the forefront of this ensemble stands Perdita Ortega, a matriarch whose leadership and determination set the tone for the Family. Her presence radiates authority and her abilities reflect her role as both a leader and a protector.

A figure of steadfast support and unwavering loyalty, Francisco Ortega complements Perdita's leadership with his own unique skills. His abilities enhance the synergies within the Family, creating a cohesive and formidable force.

This intriguing character embodies the complex dynamics of the Family keyword. Bound by a mix of captivity and loyalty, the Enslaved Nephilim adds a unique twist to your gameplay, providing unexpected strategies and tactics.

With his sharpshooting skills and keen eye, Nino Ortega contributes a vital ranged element to the Family. His abilities reflect his role as a distant observer, making him a versatile and valuable asset.

Armed with brute force and determination, Santiago Ortega embodies the frontline brawler within the Family. His unique abilities enhance his resilience and combat prowess, making him an indomitable force in close quarters.

A character of explosive temperament, Papa Loco adds an element of controlled chaos to the set. With his unique abilities and unpredictable nature, he keeps opponents guessing and introduces an element of surprise to the battlefield.

Completing the set is Abuela Ortega, the wise and mystical matriarch who brings a touch of magic to the Family. With her abilities centered around guidance and protection, she enhances the collective strength of the Family.

Embrace the intricate dynamics of the Family keyword as you lead this diverse ensemble to victory. Whether it's through leadership, support, ranged expertise, or raw power, these figures embody the unbreakable bonds that define the Family. Lead with love, protect with fierceness, and command this united force as you weave a tale of loyalty and strength on the tabletop.


  • Perdita Ortega
  • Francisco Ortega
  • Enslaved Nephilim
  • Nino Ortega
  • Santiago Ortega
  • Papa Loco
  • Abuela Ortega


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