Penthesilea, Amazon Warrioress, Special Edition

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Get ready for a thrilling ride with Penthesilea, Amazon Warrioress (Special Edition). Infinity is revving their motors once again, delivering an exciting new version of ALEPH's iconic Steel Phalanx character. This time, Penthesilea dons a stylish leather jacket and takes to the streets on a Kum chopper, channeling the essence of Easy Rider in all its glory.

Originally pre-released during the Indy GenCon 2014, the Penthesilea Special Edition has now become a regular release, ensuring that fans and collectors can enjoy this remarkable miniature at their leisure.

This special edition Penthesilea embodies a rebellious spirit, combining the strength and determination of the Amazon Warrioress with a touch of edgy style. Her leather jacket exudes a sense of rugged coolness, while the Kum chopper adds a dash of excitement to her presence on the tabletop.

Don't miss your chance to own this iconic piece of Infinity history. The Penthesilea Special Edition is here to bring a touch of rebellion and adventure to your collection. Whether you're a fan of the Steel Phalanx or simply appreciate the pure aesthetic pleasure of this miniature, Penthesilea will captivate your imagination and become a treasured centerpiece in your Infinity universe.

Prepare for an unforgettable journey as you embrace the spirit of Penthesilea, Amazon Warrioress, and embark on daring adventures with her by your side. The open road awaits, and the Penthesilea Special Edition is ready to hit the tabletop in true Easy Rider style.


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