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Pax Viking is a strategic, historical game about the lesser-known Vikings who journeyed east. Primarily from Sweden, these adventurers and explorers were mostly merchants and adept opportunists when it came to the use of gleaming silver and sharpened steel.

How to play

Pax Viking is a card-driven game where you compete for cards in a shared market combined with the strategic movement of longships around the map. You can play cards you purchase at locations on the map you control via your longships, build trading posts, claim benefits from events, and more.

You can also play cards on your Jarlboard and add abilities to your player through friends, allies, and gods. In the east, explore and develop the regions and trade routes. In the west you can find powerful allies and gods to help you. Through your actions, you gather followers, giving you power and influence towards your ultimate bid: to become the first king of Sweden.


  • Game board
  • Longships
  • Influence markets
  • Victory Condition Cards
  • Saga tiles
  • Markers for trading centers
  • Follower token


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