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Delve into the depths of sorrow and melancholy with this haunting ensemble, embodying the emotional depth and eerie power of the Woe keyword. These figures unite to create a force that channels the heartache and somber influence of the Neverborn's connection to the realm of lamentations.

Leading this ensemble is Pandora, a central figure who embodies the very essence of the Woe keyword. Her presence on the battlefield reflects her mastery over emotional manipulation and her ability to command the shadowy forces of sorrow.

Candy adds depth to the ensemble, representing a being of both innocence and dread. With her dual nature and the ability to evoke heart-wrenching emotions, Candy adds an element of emotional manipulation to your forces.

The spectral entity Poltergeist completes the set, symbolizing the restless souls of the departed and their ties to the Woe keyword. With its ability to manifest emotions and manipulate objects, the Poltergeist brings both haunting influence and spectral utility to your gameplay.

Baby Kade, this eerie figure, embodying the innocence and darkness of childhood, rounds out the set. His presence reflects the emotional turmoil and the blend of innocence and malice that the Woe keyword encapsulates.

The haunting manifestations of sorrow and anguish complete the ensemble, embodying the very embodiment of sorrow and the emotional essence that defines the Woe keyword. With their ability to evoke melancholic emotions and manipulate the battlefield, these figures provide both emotional support and spectral dominance to your forces.

United under the Woe keyword, this ensemble captures the Neverborn's mastery of emotional manipulation and their ability to evoke the depth of sorrow. Whether it's through emotional turmoil, spectral influence, or the fusion of both, these figures epitomize the Neverborn's fascination with the darker aspects of human emotion. Embrace the power of emotional resonance, command with spectral influence, and lead your Woe forces with unwavering determination as you guide this unique faction towards triumph.


  • Pandora
  • Candy
  • Poltergeist
  • Baby Kade
  • 3 Sorrows


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