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Games Workshop Paints: Discover our extensive range for miniature painting

Welcome to Kutami - your online shop for Games Workshop paints and accessories. Here you will find a wide selection of paints to bring your miniatures to life. Our range includes a variety of paints for beginners and professionals, including Citadel, airbrush paints, and special effect paints. Discover our high-quality Games Workshop paints now and give your miniatures a unique appearance!

Why Games Workshop Paints?

Games Workshop is a leading manufacturer of paints for miniatures and tabletop games. Their paints are known for their high pigmentation, durability, and ease of use. With a wide range of colors and effects, Games Workshop offers the perfect foundation for creating impressive miniatures for Warhammer 40,000, Age of Sigmar, and other tabletop games.

Tips for using Games Workshop Paints

  1. Priming: Start with a primer to create a uniform and adhesive base for the paints. A primer helps to highlight the fine details of the miniature and ensures better paint absorption.
  2. Paint layers: Apply the paints in thin layers to achieve a clean and even result. Practice makes perfect, so experiment with different techniques to find your personal style.
  3. Highlights and shadows: Use light and dark colors to set highlights and shadows. This technique gives your miniatures depth and a realistic appearance.
  4. Effects: Use special effect paints such as dry brushing, washes, and glazes to add additional details and unique looks to your miniatures.
  5. Care: Clean your brushes regularly and store them properly to extend their lifespan. Invest in high-quality brushes and accessories to achieve the best results.

Discover our extensive range of Games Workshop paints now and start your next miniature painting project with Kutami!

Our Product Selection of Games Workshop Paints

At Kutami, we offer an extensive selection of Games Workshop paints to suit every need and taste. Here's an overview of our product categories:

  • Base Paints: Our base paints are the foundation for every miniature. They provide excellent coverage and form the basis for further paint layers.
  • Layer Paints: Layer paints are ideal for creating color depth and shading on your miniatures. They dry in a slightly transparent layer, allowing the underlying color to show through and create a gentle color gradient.
  • Shades: With shades, you can add shadows and depth. They flow into the recesses of the miniature, emphasizing the details while leaving a subtle tint on the raised areas.
  • Drybrush Paints: Drybrush paints are specially designed for the drybrush technique and allow you to quickly and effectively highlight textures and details.
  • Technical Paints: Our technical paints offer special effects such as rust, blood, mud, and much more. They are perfect for giving your miniatures a realistic and individual look.
  • Airbrush Paints: For those who want to work with airbrushes, we offer a range of airbrush-compatible Games Workshop paints. These paints are ideal for fine details and large surfaces.
  • Accessories: In addition to paints, you will also find a selection of brushes, mixing palettes, paint containers, and other tools to support your miniature painting project.

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