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Polystyrene Sheets, Plastic Cards & Plastic Cartons: Discover the Variety at Kutami

Welcome to the Polystyrene Sheets, Plastic Cards & Plastic Cartons category at Kutami. Here you will find a wide selection of high-quality materials that are perfect for your creative projects. Learn how to effectively use them and add that special touch to your work.

Polystyrene Sheets - Versatile Applications

Polystyrene sheets are lightweight, sturdy, and easy to work with. They are ideal for model building, insulation, or as a creative canvas. Cut, glue, or paint them to bring your ideas to life.

Plastic Cards - Flexibility and Stability

Plastic cards are thin, flexible, yet durable. They are perfect for use in model building, card games, or even as business cards. The smooth surface allows for precise printing or painting, so you can bring your creative visions to life.

Plastic Cartons - Durability for Your Projects

Plastic cartons are a durable and waterproof material that is particularly suitable for outdoor or humid environments. Use them for signs, displays, or even as a weather-resistant photo canvas. Work with it effortlessly and make your projects resilient.

Tips for Using Polystyrene Sheets, Plastic Cards, and Plastic Cartons

  • Use a sharp cutter or scalpel for precise cuts.
  • When gluing, use special adhesives suitable for plastic materials to ensure a strong bond.
  • Use suitable colors, such as acrylic or plastic colors, for permanent and vibrant coloring.
  • Experiment with different techniques to achieve unique textures and effects.

Discover the versatile possibilities of Polystyrene Sheets, Plastic Cards & Plastic Cartons at Kutami today and bring your creative ideas to life!

Find Inspiration and Application Ideas

The application possibilities of polystyrene sheets, plastic cards, and plastic cartons are almost limitless. Here are some ideas to ignite your creativity:

  • Create detailed architectural models or dioramas for your next model building project.
  • Design personalized playing cards for your card game or for a special gift.
  • Create weather-resistant outdoor decorations for your garden or patio.
  • Use plastic cartons as a sturdy base for your collages or mixed-media artworks.
  • Build prototypes for product designs or technical projects.

Benefit from Kutami's Expertise and Customer Service

At Kutami, we are here to support you with all your projects. Our experts are happy to help you select the right material for your requirements and provide valuable tips for processing. Benefit from our fast shipping and satisfaction guarantee to ensure that you are satisfied withyour purchase.


Whether you are an experienced artist, model builder, or simply looking for new materials for your creative projects, at Kutami you will find a wide selection of polystyrene sheets, plastic cards, and plastic cartons to bring your ideas to life. Explore the diverse application possibilities and let our experts advise you. Visit today and discover the world of plastic materials!

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