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Enter the world of the "Outcast" faction with the Explorer's Society Starter Box, a perfect entry point into the intricate realm of Malifaux Third Edition. This comprehensive box is designed to facilitate your journey into the game, containing all the essentials needed to start playing immediately. The contents encompass pre-assembled models, a Fate Deck, General Upgrades, Markers, and a Measuring Widget, providing a seamless introduction to the gameplay.

Faction: Outcast Keyword: Syndicate, Outcast Versatile

Contained within this Starter Box are:

  • Yannic Waller: An individual whose presence embodies the Syndicate and Outcast Versatile keywords, Yannic Waller represents the multifaceted nature of the Outcast faction. As you prepare and assemble the model, you contribute to the legacy of diverse roles and connections that shape the narrative of the crew.

  • Catalan Brawler: Reflecting the strength and versatility inherent in the Syndicate and Outcast Versatile keywords, the Catalan Brawler embodies the spirit of resilience and varied roles within the crew. With every detail meticulously captured, the Catalan Brawler becomes a testament to the multifaceted nature of the Outcasts.

  • Catalan Riflemen x2: A pair of entities that mirror the essence of the Syndicate and Outcast Versatile keywords, the Catalan Riflemen become embodiments of strategic firepower and versatile roles within the crew. As you assemble each model, you contribute to the legacy of diverse connections that define the faction.

Step into the universe of Malifaux with models that embody the spirit of versatile roles, connections, and resilience. The Syndicate and Outcast Versatile keywords guide your path on the tabletop, where every action and decision reflects the crew's multifaceted nature, echoing the very essence of the Outcasts.


  • Yannic Waller
  • Catalan Brawler
  • Catalan Riflemen x2
  • Fate Deck
  • General Upgrades
  • 10x Scheme Markers
  • Measuring widget


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