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"I've got 'da teef, I've got 'da loot, I've got 'da dakka, and 'I've got 'dis 'ere Mega Armor. 'That's why it's around here, ya runty grots. Try me anytime you're feel like a beating!

    – Bawbag Gitstompa, Meganob

This box set contains five multi-part plastic Orc Nobz. This 104-piece set includes: 10 head variations, five different torso fronts, and five body variations, allowing you to create a unique looking squad. Also included are a range of weapon options including: large choppas, power claws, shoota/rokkit combos, a shoota/skorcha combo, sluggas and choppas. There's also a variety of additional components to further customize your squad, including parts to upgrade your Nobz with Cybork bodies and a Grot Munition runt. Models are supplied with 32mm round bases.

Nobz are among the physically larger and thus more socially powerful members of the orc race.

Nobz are the larger boy orcs, still smaller than a tribe's warboss, but through their sheer size and commanding, if brutal, nature, are able to wield their authority over their fellows. The term "Nob" is believed to be an abbreviation of a parody of the Gothic word "Nobles", but pronounced as "Knobs" by the guttural orcish throats. You usually get the best selection of weapons and armor when the mob comes across something worth taking. Nobs are usually found barking orders to mobs of Boyz, but it's not uncommon to find them in elite squads of your own or forming the bodyguard for the Warboss, where they'll likely be in squads of Meganobz.

The undisputed ruling class in the oddly egalitarian Orc hierarchy, Nobz are among the largest and most dangerous Orcs in a squad. In fact, only the warboss or warlord is physically larger and stronger. Like the Warboss, Nobz rise to their position through martial skills and by killing challengers. A Nob that fights and wins quickly earns the respect and often fear of the boyz in a warband, allowing the Nob to gain power and status. Nobz are typically found in the entourage of a warboss or warlord, assisting their superior in the day-to-day running of the tribe and constantly vying with their fellows for power.

Should a Warboss fall or be otherwise neutralized, their Nobz will rapidly fall upon one another in a savage and bloody struggle until one emerges victorious and assumes the Warboss mantle. Occasionally, Nobz themselves lead small groups of Ork Boyz who prefer to have their own Boyz to frolic and reign supremacy rather than submitting to a Warboss. In combat, similar to Warbosses and Warlords, Nobz lead from the front and inspire their Boyz in battle with their ruthlessness and brutality. Nobz use any pretext to assert their power over their subordinates and revel in making life hell for those around them. Casual brutality is only to be expected in the company of Nobz. They consider their subordinates expendable, particularly the whiny Gretchin, and do whatever it takes to make that fact clear to all and sundry. Aside from their brutality, Nobz also flaunt their wealth and position by using only the finest weapons and armor. Flashy suits of mega armor, intricate snazzguns, and garishly adorned trukks are all hallmarks of the Nob rank.

Nobz don't have standardized gear, as each Nob invests their loot as they see fit. Some are traditionalists who go to war in leather armor, equipped with a good slugga and a better choppa. Others want "moar dakka" and get the coolest Kustom Shoota they can find. Others prefer to "Betta stompin" and get a Power Klaw, while others prefer to invest in a buggy or other form of transportation. Some prefer to outfit themselves in armour, either bulky karapace armor made of armor plates bolted to the orc's body, or even powerful greenskin mega armor.


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