Orks Deffkilla Wartrike

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This multi-part plastic kit contains all the components necessary to build one Deffkilla Wartrike. Crewed by 2 giant orcs - a driver and a speedboss - it sits low and tall, its massive engine nestled between the serrated rear wheels for maximum torque (and maximum flame-belching). Both the driver and speedboss stare intensely to the left, aiming their gaze at an unfortunate enemy - the driver wields a double boomstick longer than his arm, and the speedboss waves a grappling hook-equipped hook claw. At the rear, a fuel mixa grot stands ready to tank whatever dangerous chemicals it can, with air intakes on either side designed to resemble an orcish maw.

This kit comes as 78 components, and is supplied with a Citadel 150mm Oval base.

The Deffkilla Wartrike is an Ork Warbike variant used by Warbosses.

As fast-moving combat platforms, Deffkilla Wartrikes make little concession to their riders' armored protection. Instead of heavy protection, Speed ??Freek's bosses and their drivers face the enemy, showing how tough they are without even batting an eyelid. Equipped with an oversized jet engine, the Deffkilla Wartrike can bring down even the fastest prey, leaving a flaming trail of flames that sets the enemy on fire. Wheel scythes spin, the trike dashes into the midst of the enemy, causing bloody carnage.

For arming, the crew of a Wartrike leads Boomsticks against the enemy. These shotgun-style blunt weapons can tear an armored warrior in half with ease. A Wartrike's real danger, however, comes from its monstrous passenger, usually a Speedboss equipped with a Snagga-Klaw. This type of piston-powered Power Klaw comes equipped with a barbed harpoon gun that can impale and reel an enemy. In combat, a Wartrike simply plows head first into the strongest looking enemy its rider can see, at which point the Speedboss lies around with ferocious abandon. After a good rampage, the speed boss will usually hop back on board his vehicle in search of new enemies.

Deffkilla Wartrikes are particularly popular with the Goffs and Evil Sunz. For the former, the appeal of the vehicle is to smack the opponent in the face as quickly as possible, while the latter prefers to reach the enemy as quickly as possible to smack them in the face. This bizarre difference is nonetheless evident within orc culture.


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