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Boyz are the base of an Orc army. Orcs are tough, determined fighters who descend on the enemy in great waves of howling violence. Generally armed with heavy, solid shotguns and brutal, edged choppas, they blow great holes out of the enemy before hacking them apart.

This set contains 11 multi-part plastic Ork Boyz and includes options for Sluggas, Choppas, Shootas, Heavy Weapons and Stickbombz. Models are supplied with 32mm round bases.

    "Da furst and da best part of da WAAAGH is a good ol' mob o' boyz."

        — Captain Bluddflagg

Ork Boyz are the various types of troops deployed by the Orcs, a fierce, warlike, green-skinned race of humanoids from the Milky Way. They somewhat resemble Warhammer Fantasy Orcs, particularly in terms of their physical appearance, but they differ in some biological and cultural details from the greenskins of the Warhammer world.

Orcs are viewed as fierce, warlike, and rough by their enemies (just about everyone else in the galaxy), but they are one of the most successful species in the Milky Way, potentially surpassing any other intelligent race, including humanity. The power of the orc race as a whole is limited, however, as they are divided into hundreds of tiny empires, clans and tribes that at war with each other more often than not. Should the orcs ever unite as a species, they would no doubt crush all resistance in a massive migratory invasion known as the WAAAGH!.


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