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A Wartrukk is an Ork vehicle designed primarily to transport Orcs across the battlefield at breakneck speed.

Since Orcs don't really have much personal space, Wartrukks are often loaded with so many Orcs that they don't fall off, if at all. Sometimes they have skids mounted on the sides of the Trukk so more greenskins can grab onto the sides and get stuck faster. Some of the more intelligent Orcs wait for the Trukk to slow some down before leaping off the runners. Wartrukks are usually armed with Big Shootas at the front as well as some fairly pointed Bullbars so drivers don't miss out on the thrill of close combat. The Wartrukk is good for charging into battle with guns blazing and throwing a bunch of greenskins into the fray. Due to orcish ingenuity and a lack of standardization, no two Wartrukks ever look quite alike.

Wartrukks are built purely for speed and quickness, and typically have little armor. They have a wide variety and combination of weapons at their disposal, including a Big Shoota, a Stickbomb Chukka, a Grabbin' Klaw, and a Wreckin' Ball.

This box set contains a multi-part plastic Ork truck and includes a large bolt-on shoota, plank, wrecking ball and a reinforced ram.

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