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This multi-part plastic set contains three Meganobz and a Grot Oiler. Each Meganob is armed with a Power Claw and a two-pronged Shoota (which can be upgraded to a Combo Shoota Rokkit Launchcha or Combo Shoota Skorcha). As well as the deadly Dakka, this kit also includes enough Killsaws to give each of your Meganobz a pair.

A Meganob can be assembled as a Big Mek in Mega Armor, armed with a Kustom Mega-Blasta and a Power Claw (which also doubles as Mek's tool for battlefield repairs). You have the option of outfitting your Big Mek with a rear-mounted Kustom force field or a Tellyport blasta.

"I've got 'da teef, I've got 'da loot, I've got 'da dakka, and 'I've got' this mega armor. 'That's why it's around here, ya runty grots. Try me anytime if you like feel a beating!

    — Bawbag Gitstompa, Meganob

A meganob (pl. meganobz) is the wealthiest and most battle-hardened orc nobz in a warband, paying a mek to build them mega armor. This armor is piston-powered and coated in enough protective armor to transform its wearer into a walking tank. It's incredibly expensive. Still, it serves as the ultimate greenskin status symbol. Though other Orcs mock the Meganobz for wearing so much armor, only the most bored would do so within earshot. Even a direct hit from a tank round is unlikely to do more than knock down a meganob and aggravate its already bad temper. For many, the only chance of surviving an encounter with an angry Meganob is to outrun it. To counter this weakness, many Meganobz roar into battle aboard armored battlewagons. This saves time wasted trudging around the battlefield and helps the Meganobz jump right into the fight.

Orc culture is a seething morass of violence, with the strong constantly asserting their position against aspiring, ambitious young orcs. Only the largest, toughest, and most aggressive orcs rise to leadership among the greenskins. This makeshift "nobility" gives rise to an orc class known as "Nobz" in their guttural language. Bigger, richer, and more aggressive than regular Orcs, Nobz never miss an opportunity to remind their fellows of this. These powerful orcs lead by example, fighting where the fighting is thickest and "encouraging" unruly orcs or grots with handcuffs and punches to bring them into battle. Orcs will instinctively obey those larger than themselves, provided they are a healthy shade of green - most orcs would rather die than bend to the will of a non-greenskin. The decisions of a warlord or warboss are enforced by this ruling caste.

Aside from sheer bulk, decent gear is a sign of nobility and status among orcs. No ordinary orc soldier may keep equipment better or more prestigious than that of his tribe's nobz, and will be quick to have such items "confiscated". Because of this, Nobz are typically armed and equipped with a bewildering array of deadly gear. In many warbands, Nobz gain a privileged status for collecting loot or special gear from the Meks, such as B. Mega Armor. Such Mega Armored Nobz (known as Meganobz) often form an elite bodyguard for an Ork Warboss, accompanying them with wild enthusiasm in the middle of every fight. When the Warboss falls, the largest Nob will take his place (after kicking in a few heads to restore order, of course). Some Nobz prefer to lead mobs of smaller Ork Boyz that they can boss around with impunity.

The following is a sampling of the gear most Meganobz use:

  • Twin-Linked Shoota - Shootas are kinetic ballistic weapons used by the Orcs, chosen not for their efficiency but for the amount of noise they make and the amount of damage they can inflict. The best shootas are equally deafening and deadly. Like the Slugga, Shootas are not very accurate. This suits the Orcs well, as they seem less interested in accuracy than dealing damage and causing a riot.
  • Power Claw - A variant of the more common Power Fist used by Imperial forces, the Power Claw is a large cybernetic claw, often with three ringing fingers. A power claw works similarly to a power fist for the Imperials, and with it an Orc can easily rip off the side of an armored vehicle and easily tear apart armor of almost any kind.
  • Mega Armor – The mightiest Orcs sometimes wear Mega Armor, the strongest personal defense in the Orky arsenal. Beaten together from thick steel plates, looted power exoskeletons, mighty hydraulic rams and other junk and junk from military and industrial debris, Mega Armor is one of the pinnacles of Mek craftsmanship. Each suit is custom-made for its wearer, usually a flashy, domineering Nob, but often a Warboss or other high-ranking Orc. This lumbering, jangling, smoke-belching armor allows an Ork Warboss or Nob to hold its own against even a Space Marine clad in tactical dreadnought armor, and makes them nearly unassailable to Imperial Guard troops armed with less-than-potent anti-tank weapons .
  • Stikkbombz - An Ork Stikkbomb is an anti-infantry frag grenade commonly used by Ork forces. Orc grenades are much larger and heavier than those used by other races, which makes sense for an Orc because the bigger something is, the more dangerous it becomes. Stikkbomz consist of a can filled with crude explosives that screws onto a stick for use as an equally crude mace when needed. Mekboyz produce stikkbombz non-stop and mainly two types – Frag and Krak stikkbombz. Frag 'bombz detonate with a dull blast, throwing shrapnel and fragments of hull over a wide area. Krak 'bombz explode with a high-pitched cracking sound, punching a messy big hole through whatever they hit. Krak-Bombz are harder to throw because they have to hit the target head first. There are also "Suppa Stikbommz", which are little more than multiple Krak Stikbommz strapped or bolted together and wired to a single detonator. Meks often build them to give their explosives a bit more armor penetration, at the expense of operational security (as is already the case).

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