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Flash Gitz are an elite race of Ork Nobz obsessed with their lovingly customized, flashily polished and painted weapons known as Snazzguns, which can potentially wipe out entire squads of infantry in a hail of fire. Unlike other Nobz, Flash Gitz prefer "more dakka" than "stomp", meaning they prefer ranged over melee. They are powerful ranged infantry troops for an orc WAAAGH!. Many Flash Gitz are members of the Bad Moons clan, where they serve as the clan's elite infantry. In addition to their powerful armament, Flash Gitz often wear flashy armor adorned with bionic eyes (usually called gitfindas) and skull trophies attached to their weapons or on their backs. Due to their massive size and powerful musculature typical of Orc Nobz, they are still capable hand-to-hand combatants with their choppa bayonets and sluggas. Flash Gitz consider themselves at the pinnacle of orc society, having accumulated a large number of orc fangs. Many love to display their powerful weapons to other Orcs, and are often accompanied by well-dressed Grotz, often boasting about their master's accomplishments. However, Flash Gitz are sometimes cast out of orc tribes for their wealth and generally obnoxious behavior, which can lead them to take the path of privateering.

When a Warboss wants to conquer a planet, he calls upon fleets of Freebooterz to fend off enemy ships and make way for the Orcs to surface. For this service, freebooterz claim exorbitant looting rights as well as fortunes in tea, and a warboss has no choice but to pay if they want their help, as freebooterz who don't get their price often just disappear into the void in search of more Prey. Even if a privateer's terms are met he may still be distracted by better prospects, the lure of a simple plunder is enough to sway most Kaptins. Whether they fight next to a WAAAGHH! or hurtling through the void, plundering planets and stealing ships, freebooterz often get sickeningly rich, leading many to become Flash Gitz. Ork Freebooterz are by no means always Flash Gitz, but all Flash Gitz eventually end up as Freebooterz. An arrogant and boorish nob who thinks he is a flash git will usually alienate himself from the rest of his tribe in a short time. Whether it's for their blatant hubris, eating the local big mek's favorite grot without permission, or the mortal sin of strutting around with a bigger, shinier shoota than the warboss, a flash git is usually expelled from their tribe. When a whole group of Nobz suddenly get ideas about their place in the order of things within the tribe, it can lead to bloody power struggles. This usually ends with the departure - at gunpoint or otherwise - of a whole mob of new freeboot flash gitz.

However they find their way into this new situation, flash git mobs will quickly become freebooter life. Fighting as a mercenary allows successful Gitz to amass vast sums of wealth in a short amount of time. Better yet, they can happily spend it all on themselves without a warboss around to take their share. With teas galore flowing into their coffers, successful Flash Gitz mobs will soon be riding through the void in their very own Killkroozer, while wielding the kind of firearms Deathskull's Lootas only dream of stealing. They adorn themselves in chic finery, even their grot minions are stuffed into gold-buttoned frock coats and boast loudly about their masters' wealth. Flash Gitz also wears an abundance of piercings, furs, glyph plates, colorful pirate robes, and extravagant hats. All this blatant nonsense, however, does absolutely nothing to hide the massive, muscular bulk and bestial lethality of the Flash Gitz itself.

This multi-part plastic kit makes five Flash Gitz armed to the tee with flashy Snazzguns. Channel your inner Mek by assembling these custom weapons with your choice of engine, gun body, magazine and underlying secondary dakka.

A Flash Git can be assembled as a Kaptin, complete with Gitfinda Squig and a bionic cutlass-wielding arm. You can customize your Flash Gitz with a variety of optional extras, including eight back banners, eleven heads, and grenades.


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