Ork Artillery Mortar

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Prepare to rain destruction upon your enemies with the Ork Mortar kit, containing all the parts necessary to assemble one formidable artillery piece. Crafted from high-quality resin, this kit delivers exceptional detail and durability, ensuring your Ork Mortar stands ready for battle.

Whether you're bolstering your Ork army's firepower or fortifying your tabletop defenses, this kit offers versatility and customization options to suit your gaming needs. From assembling the mortar itself to adding intricate Ork glyphs and embellishments, you'll have the freedom to create a truly unique and menacing war machine.

Supplied unpainted and requiring assembly, the Ork Mortar kit provides ample opportunities for customization and personalization. Let your creativity run wild as you paint and decorate your mortar to match your Ork clan's colors and insignia, or unleash your imagination to craft a weathered and battle-scarred war machine.

With its rugged design and fearsome presence, the Ork Mortar promises to become a centerpiece of your tabletop battles, striking fear into the hearts of your foes and asserting your dominance on the battlefield. Whether you're waging war in the far reaches of the galaxy or defending your stronghold from invaders, the Ork Mortar is ready to unleash devastation at your command.

Set contains enough parts to create 1 Ork Mortar.
Model supplied unpainted and may requires assembly. Elements are made from high-quality resin.


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