Orc Veteranz Heads

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In the rugged world of Orcs, where every day is a battle for survival, scars are worn like badges of honor, testament to the countless skirmishes and conflicts that have shaped their existence. But to be described as the old one among Orcs is a rarity indeed, for few of their kind live long enough to earn such a title.

Yet, when an Orc does reach the twilight years of their life, their weathered form presents an even more imposing sight. Their once formidable physique may be marred by the ravages of time, their skin bearing the marks of countless battles and skirmishes. They may walk with a slight limp, a reminder of injuries sustained in the heat of combat, and their eyes may gleam with a fierce intensity tempered by the wisdom of age.

But make no mistake – the old one may be aged, but they are no less fearsome than their younger counterparts. With a lifetime of experience behind them, they possess a keen understanding of tactics and strategy, honed through years of surviving in the harsh and unforgiving world of the Greenskins.

This set contains ten Orc Veteranz Heads - two of each unique pattern.

The product design fits 28 mm scale wargames. This set is supplied unpainted.


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