Orc Mekanic Heads

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In the tumultuous society of the Greenskins, those who wield wrenches and hammers hold a revered status. Known as Mechanics, or 'Mekanics' in the guttural tongue of the Orcs, these rugged artisans shape the very fabric of their world with their crude yet potent creations.

For the Greenskins, finesse is a concept as foreign as a summer breeze in the heart of winter. Yet, what they lack in delicacy, they more than make up for in sheer ingenuity and brute force. In the hands of a skilled Mechanic, even the most mundane scrap of metal can be transformed into a towering war machine, ready to crush enemies beneath its treads or rain destruction from afar.

It is this ability to fashion enormous and wicked vehicles from the detritus of battlefields that elevates Mechanics to a position of near-mythic importance within Orcish society. Their creations are not merely tools of war but symbols of Orcish might and resilience.

In the eyes of the Greenskins, a Mechanic's workshop is a sacred place, a crucible where raw potential is transmuted into raw power. And though their methods may be crude and their creations haphazard, there is no denying the irreplaceable role they play in the eternal struggle for dominance that defines Orcish existence.

This set contains ten Orc Mekanic Heads - two of each unique pattern.

The product design fits 28 mm scale wargames. This set is supplied unpainted.


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