Orc „Goliath” Mines (2)

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Orc Goliath Mines Set

This set includes two orc Goliath mines, which are remote controlled tracked bombs designed to destroy enemy tanks or fortifications. These powerful explosives are a formidable weapon in the arsenal of the Orcs.

The miniatures of the orc Goliath mines depict the menacing and heavily armored nature of these destructive devices. Each mine is equipped with tracks for mobility and features various explosive components. The level of detail in the miniatures brings out the rugged and brutal aesthetic of the Orcs.

With these orc Goliath mines, you can create thrilling scenarios on the tabletop. Strategically position them to ambush enemy vehicles or fortifications, and then remotely detonate them to unleash devastating explosions.

As the miniatures are made of high-quality resin, they are durable and easy to assemble. You can also paint and customize them to match the colors and themes of your Orc army.

Please note that this set only includes the miniatures of the orc Goliath mines. Bases and additional scenery shown in illustrations are for display purposes and are not included.

Add the orc Goliath Mines Set to your Orc army and enhance your tactical options on the battlefield. These remote controlled tracked bombs will strike fear into your opponents and leave a trail of destruction in their wake.


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