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In the remote, frostbitten reaches of the northern mountains, where the land is perpetually gripped by an ever-winter, a chilling transformation occurs as the winter solstice draws near. It is during this darkest part of the year that the Oni, brutish demons of formidable strength and voracity, awaken from their long slumber, driven by an insatiable hunger. These menacing creatures descend upon the northernmost imperial settlements, spreading fear and chaos, their howls echoing through the cold air as they revel in the terror of their prey.

Year after year, the local populace has mounted desperate defenses against these towering brutes, yet each encounter has resulted in grievous losses and mounting despair. In response to this relentless threat, the northern Kitano clan has been entrusted with leading the defense efforts. This venerable clan has rallied a cadre of the most proficient and unyielding swordmasters in the region, warriors of exceptional bravery and skill, dedicated to combating the demonic scourge.

These warriors, clad in full armor and known as the Onitaoshi or Ogre Slayers, are a formidable sight on the battlefield. They are armed with the mighty Ō-tachi greatswords, weapons of impressive length and deadly precision. The Ō-tachi are not just swords but symbols of hope, their blades crafted to bridge the size gap between human and demon, offering the Onitaoshi a fighting chance against the overwhelming might of the Oni.

Each winter, as the solstice approaches and the shadows lengthen, the Onitaoshi prepare for battle, their blades gleaming under the cold, harsh light of the stars. Their presence fortifies the spirits of the local settlers, their swords a promise of protection and their resolve a testament to the enduring spirit of the northern peoples. With each clash of steel, the Onitaoshi not only fight to repel the dark tide of Oni but also to safeguard the future of their lands, ensuring that the fires of the last huts burn bright against the encroaching Darkness.


  • 1 Onitaoshi miniature on a 32mm base with a profile Card.


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