One Flew Over

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Enter the realm of both medical care and unyielding determination with this unique set, embodying the dual nature of the Asylum and Guild Versatile keywords. These figures unite to create a force that combines healing and support with adaptability on the tabletop.

At the forefront of this ensemble is Dr. Grimwell, a figure of medical expertise and leadership. His presence on the battlefield adds a layer of healing and support, reflecting his role as a skilled medical practitioner.

A figure of compassion and determination, Nurse Heartsbane complements Dr. Grimwell's medical prowess with her own unique abilities. Her role in support and healing adds an element of utility and protection to your gameplay.

2 Orderlies complete the set, representing the Guild's commitment to maintaining order and aiding those in need. With their abilities to support and control, these figures provide both healing and strategic advantage to your forces.

United under the Asylum and Guild Versatile keywords, this ensemble captures the Guild's dual commitment to both medical care and adaptability. Whether it's through healing, support, or controlled manipulation, these figures embody the Guild's unwavering determination. Embrace the power of compassion, command with versatility, and lead your forces with unwavering determination as you command this unique faction to victory.


  • Dr. Grimwell
  • Nurse Heartsbane
  • 2 Orderlies


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