Old Dominion: Faction Dice on Translucent Purple and Gold Pips

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Can you hear it? The faint whisper, barely audible, that promises to grow into a tempest of sound? These dice, they hold within them a secret, a power waiting to be unleashed. A blend of tarnished golds and coppers, mingled with deathly purples, and adorned with easily discernible white inlays, these resin 16mm dice hold the key to untold mysteries.

But pay attention, for the symbols lie not scattered across their faces, but concentrated on the ONE side. Yes, the ONE side holds the enigmatic symbols that will guide your fate. With each roll, you will feel the weight of destiny in your hand, as you dare to challenge the unknown.

Embrace the whispers, heed the call of the storm that waits to be unleashed. For within these dice lies the power to shape your destiny, to carve a path through the chaos of chance. Are you ready to roll the dice and discover what lies beyond the veil of uncertainty? The choice is yours, and the journey begins with a single roll.


  • Package of 25 Conquest 16mm Six Sided Dice

Baron of Dice Licenced Dice Set.


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