Old Dominion: Cultists

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In the grim aftermath of the Fall, the worship of Hazlia, the once mighty god, persisted in the shadows. Isolated monasteries, devoted to Hazlia's apocalyptic vision, clung to survival through desperate means—raiding, cannibalism, and other unspeakable acts. When these hidden enclaves were discovered, the most fanatical among them were inducted into the deathly mysteries of Hazlia’s cult. These zealots were promised ascension into Hazlia’s deathless ranks, a reward contingent upon their success in eliminating their designated targets by any means necessary.

Today, the Cultists and the elusive Hashashin operate independently from the undead Legions. They are harbingers of chaos and death, striking ahead of the relentless advance of Hazlia's forces. Their presence sows discord, weakens defenses, and spreads terror among enemy ranks.

The Cultists serve as a core component of the battlefield, their role indispensable in the strategic plans of the Old Dominion. As light infantry, they are nimble and flexible, capable of quick maneuvers and rapid deployment across the battlefield.

Cultists are fanatical zealots, driven by an unyielding faith in Hazlia. On the battlefield, they are enveloped by an unholy aura that enhances their combat capabilities. Their effectiveness is magnified when supporting Regiments such as Bone Golems, Kheres, or any other unit that possesses the Aura of Death Special Rule. When Cultists engage in ranged attacks, their strikes inflict additional damage, synergizing with the Aura of Death effects to devastate enemy forces. This synergy makes them a formidable force, particularly adept at weakening enemy units and paving the way for their allies to deliver the final blow.

Cultists thrive in chaos, their presence a harbinger of doom that disrupts enemy formations and sows fear. Their commitment to Hazlia's cause drives them to undertake suicidal missions, ensuring that their enemies are overwhelmed not just by physical might, but by the psychological terror they inspire. In summary, Cultists are a versatile and deadly component of the Old Dominion, excelling in their role as support units that amplify the destructive potential of their allies while spreading chaos and fear among their foes.

In Game Role:

  • Battlefield Role: Mainstay Infantry
  • Class: Light
  • Type: Infantry


  • Dual Kit. Contains 12 Plastic Miniatures (Hashashin/Cultists, with the option of making their respective command models)
  • 3 Infantry Plastic Stands
  • 12 Bases
  • 2 Command Cards
  • Scale: 38mm

Assembly: Required.


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