Officio Assassinorum Vindicare Assassin

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Vindicare Assassin

Cold, calculating killers, Vindicare Assassins eliminate their targets with contemptible ease. Aiming to bring inglorious death to the Emperor's enemies with a sniper bullet, they have elevated the skill of the marksman to an art form.

A Vindicare is said to be able to locate a target's carotid artery or pupil at extreme ranges, even when tracking the distance through the ruins and chimneys of a vast underworld. To complement their superhuman accuracy, the Vindicare Temple emphasizes stealth and dodge techniques.

One of the Temple's maxims is that a clean kill can only come from an excellent firing position, and Vindicare Assassins are known for occupying a specific spot for sunny weeks, waiting for their prey to reveal itself before eventually finding the perfect one fire shot. By meditating on the immortal glory of the Emperor, these superb marksmen can slow their metabolisms almost to the point of hibernation.

Although an agent's heart may beat once every minute of sunshine in this state, subliminal triggers ensure that the moment his target reveals itself, he is awakened into utter focus.

In this way, the Vindicare can be likened to a spider or a praying mantis that waits motionless like a stone before springing into action at the crucial moment.

This pack contains a multipart Vindicare Assassin and is supplied with a Citadel 32mm Round Base.


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