Officio Assassinorum Eversor Assassin

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Eversor Assassin

The Eversor Temple is possibly the Officio Assassinorum's most ferocious weapon. The Temple specializes in shock and terror tactics, instilling fear of Imperial retaliation in all those in positions of power.

Eversor Assassins are primarily used against rebels planning to mount a large force against the Empire. If the long, grueling war of attrition that is the Astra Militarum's forte is ruled out - perhaps because it is likely to leave a precious planet devastated - the High Lords will sometimes authorize the deployment of an Eversor Assassin.

Distilling the raw power of an entire assault team into a single human body, an Eversor rarely has a single target. His mission will be to rip the heart out of the rebel operation and wreak havoc and destruction. Such brutality ensures that the leaders of the Renegade are destroyed in one fell swoop and that no potential successors can take power.

To better stage these one-man rampages, Eversor Temple trains its agents to be utterly ruthless and devoted to the Empire. The Temple builds its recruits into superhuman killing machines, whose bodies are powered far beyond normal human capabilities.

Once this process is complete, the Temple introduces a series of voices and cybernetic neural implants to transform the assassin's mental state into a boiling cauldron of murderous intent.

This pack contains one multipart Eversor Assassin and is supplied with a Citadel 32mm Round Base.


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