Nurgle Rotbringers Putrid Blightkings

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Putrid Blightkings

The Putrid Blightkings, also known as the Exalted Champions of Nurgle, are not a specific tribe or group, but rather a loose brotherhood spanning the northernmost regions of the world. Each of them has been touched by Nurgle through his earthly emissaries - particularly the demon flies that have hatched from within the Chaos champion Bloab Rotspawned ever since the Lord of Decay claimed the wizard as a host for his tiny minions.

While Bloab Rotspawned sleeps, his many parasites in his sac-like gut whisper and scheme, speaking of those warriors around the world who deserve the favor of the Lord of Decay. When such a champion proves itself beyond doubt, a lone Daemonfly will take it upon himself to wriggle out of Bloab's snoring mouth and dart erratically into the night sky. This is how the long journey of the tiny messenger begins, but it doesn't work without help. As the demon fly soars across the moonlit landscape, the sick light of Morrslieb enriches and enlivens it, imbuing the tiny creature with the energies of chaos.

Drawn to its prey by a silver thread of fate, the fly will travel halfway across the world if need be, before gently landing on its target's head and sinking its mandibles into the flesh - a demon kiss from Nurgle himself, conferring great physical strength and resilience. From that point forward, the fly-touched warrior finds himself fully attuned to the wishes of Grandfather Nurgle, a ready-made bodyguard for the Forefather's champions and a deadly force of destruction in his own right.

Blightkings have decaying bodies capable of absorbing tremendous punishment, allowing them to relentlessly fight through an enemy battle line. Their bodies can also unleash virulent discharges that heal those who are allied with Nurgle and infect those who are not with dangerous diseases.

They wield a variety of dirty or slime-encrusted Blighted Weapons such as scythes, mauls, axes and flails with frighteningly deceptive dexterity and speed.

The Icon Bearers carry the corrupted icons of Nurgle into battle, inspiring other Putrid Blightkings to fight harder for their lord.

Musicians play giant bells known as sonorous tocsins, which are rung to announce their attack.

This 105-part plastic kit makes five Putrid Blightkings. Each model can be assembled in at least two different ways, and there are also options for a Champion, a Musician, and a Standard Bearer. You can make each of your Blightkings look completely unique by combining the 21 weapon arms with the 11 torsos and 17 head Options.

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