Nurgle Nurglings

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This kit contains - quite literally - stacks of Nurglings. You can even build three wobbly towers with this kit. Each school has front, back, and middle rows; each consists of writhing little horned beasts covered with wounds, cuts, bumps and open orifices. They also come in a variety of characterful poses - most of them obnoxious. Although you can actually build 27 combinations of Nurgling towers, there are plenty of individual Nurglings that you can use on bases for the rest of your army.

This multi-part plastic set contains 16 components with which to build 3 different Nurgling towers. Supplied with 3 Citadel 40mm Round bases.

    "...and the Great Father marks those who are chosen with the gift of his Nurglings. These servants carry on their countless backs his champions and chosen. You will fight for them and nurture them and help them spread the gifts of the Father Nurgle to the unworthy and ungrateful empire of mankind..."

        — From a fragment of the Liber Pestilentia

Nurglings, also known as "Mites of Nurgle", "Gleeful Discoffs", "Tiny Plagues" or by their demonic name Khan'gurani'i in Dark Tongue, are diminutive, mischievous lesser demons of Nurgle. They are certainly among the most numerous and most popular of Grandfather Nurgle's children. Even their appearance pleases the Plague God, for each Nurgling is like a tiny replica of the Dread Master himself. These vicious and capricious demons erupt from the boils and pustules that pierce the fleshy skin of the Great Unclean. They prance and dance around the Great Demons, wreaking havoc whenever possible, and constantly giggling as they play.

Her enemies are a different matter altogether and would do well to avoid her sharp claws; Those who survive the cracking of a Nurgling's claws often find their wounds festering and incurable. The bowels of a Great Unclean One are best left unconsidered, for such stomach cavities are not places for sensible people to contemplate for long. It is in these churning depths that the Nurglings are created. Beginning as tiny blobs of unspeakably foul matter, Nurglings are fed on the pulsating fluids of a Greater Unclean's internal organs and grow into miniature replicas of Nurgle himself, until they emerge as vicious, plump imps.

For most of their existence, Nurglings congregate around the Great Unclean that created them. They climb over its body, looking for comfortable pools of liquid and warm spots beneath the folds of rotting flesh. Seeking attention, Nurglings chatter non-stop with their master, picking at his scab and hoping for a fatherly belch of approval. Some of Nurgle's favored Heralds are escorted into battle by bubbling tides of these tiny monsters; those most praised in his eyes are carried in a palanquin carried aloft on a carpet of nurglings. When the palanquin isn't being moved, the grotesque goblins scurry around making gifts of small trinkets they find; dead animals, decaying bones, particularly splendid mushrooms, and other gifts they think will please their master.

Since the opening of the Great Rift and the outpouring of warp energies into the galaxy, Nurglings have become much more common in realspace. Several new diseases, including the latest strains of zombie plague, are so virulent that they allow Nurglings to evolve within those afflicted. When the vicious creatures spill out - eat their way out, or perhaps burst from a cyst - they do their best to spread even more disease.

Although Nurglings are among the most insignificant servants of Nurgle, they are among the most numerous and most popular in the Lord of All's demonic pantheon. Much smaller than the Plaguebearers who serve as the Plaguelord's demonic foot soldiers or the Great Demons known as the Great Unclean, Nurglings reach little more than a Terran foot. Their appearance resembles Grandfather Nurgle himself, perhaps unsurprising given that Nurglings are fashioned in the bowels of Greater Unclean that physically reflect even Nurgle's repulsive splendor.

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Diese Viecher sind die besten um gegnerische starke Truppen 1 - 2 Runden lang in Schach zu halten.

Nuri D., 05.10.2012 Verified purchase
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