Nurgle Lord of Plagues

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Lord of Plagues

Lords of Plagues are blessed mortal followers of Nurgle who poison anyone who gets close enough with Nurgle's Blight. Sick with myriad diseases and bloated with rancid sores, open sores, and cancerous bumps, her repulsive body, like all servants of Nurgle, has the ability to regenerate. Typically Nurgle's most outspoken martial champions, they charge where the fighting is thickest and leave the battlefield ready for Nurgle's diseases to colonize them, turning their foes into filthy, rotten corpse mulch.

They are good at leading nearby Putrid Blightkings to ever greater carnage. They wield rusted axes called Plague-ridden Great Blades into battle and hide their faces behind the hideous helm of Nurgle's executioners. This model is the leader of a Nurgle army.

Included in delivery is a model kit from which the above model can be built.


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