Nords: Ulfhednar (Dual Kit)

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Experience the untamed fury of the Ulfhednar on the battlefield with our extraordinary Ulfhednar set. What many don't know is that these savage barbarians possess an ancient heritage older than the revered Aesir and Vanir. Dressed in flashy ceremonial furs and armed with fearsome twin blades, these ritualistic warriors strike fear into the hearts of all who dare cross their path. Their relentless aggression makes them impervious to fear and pain, transforming them into an unstoppable force.

Assemble your Ulfhednar troops and experience their lightning-fast, ferocious and deadly fighting style firsthand. This elite regiment plunges headlong into battle, executing an onslaught of attacks that can overwhelm even the most determined of foes. In close combat, the twin blades of the Ulfhednar dance through the air, leaving a trail of devastation in their wake. Prepare yourself for a whirlwind of chaos and destruction that will strike fear into the hearts of your opponents.

Please note that the miniatures in this kit are unpainted, giving you the creative freedom to bring these fearsome warriors to life in your own style. Assembly is required and adds an extra layer of personalization to your Ulfhednar army.

Alternatively, the Bearsarks can be built.

Box Contents

  • Dual Kit. Contains 12 Plastic Miniatures (Ulfhednar/Bearsarks, with the option of making their respective command models)
  • 3 Infantry Plastic Stands
  • 12 Bases
  • 2 Command Cards

Product Information

  • Assembly: Required.
  • Box size: 30x15x6cm; 410gr
  • Material: Plastic
  • Scale: 38mm

In Game Role

  • Battlefield Role: Mainstay Infantry
  • Class: Medium
  • Type: Infantry


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