Nords - Artisan Series Vargyr Lord

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Within the intricate tapestry of Vargyr lore, it is known that not all who bear the curse of the Vargyr succumb to its dark embrace. While many grapple with the struggle to retain their humanity, only a select few can be counted among those who have truly thrived in the face of the curse's torment. Among these exceptional individuals stands the Vargr Lord, a beacon of control amidst the chaos.

The Vargr Lord represents those who have ascended to the pinnacle of mastery over their own form. These savage warriors have achieved a remarkable feat: they can harness and command their shapeshifting abilities, maintaining their human minds even in the throes of their bestial transformations. This unique balance between animal savagery and human cunning sets them apart, marking them as extraordinary beings. With unparalleled control over their form, they have quickly risen to dominance over their feral brethren.

When these terrifying warriors step onto the battlefield, they do so with a grotesque menagerie of monstrous followers in tow. This nightmarish entourage consists of grotesque creatures, each bearing the mark of their leader's influence. Together, they descend upon their hapless foes like a malevolent avalanche of tooth and claw, leaving destruction in their wake.


  • 1 Resin Miniature
  • 1 Monster Stand
  • 1 Brute Base and Stand
  • 1 Command Card
  • Scale: 38mm

Assembly required.


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