Nocturnal - Night Lords Shoulder Pads Set 01

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Introducing Nocturnal - Night Lords Shoulder Pads Set 01, a formidable addition to your Warhammer 40k chaos space marine army. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these compatible 40k bits are tailored for the genetically enhanced warriors and superhumans known as chaos space marines. Born from the dark and tumultuous depths of chaos, these warriors are relentless in their pursuit of power and domination in the dystopian and dark future envisioned by the renowned British company, GW.

This set comprises 10 shoulder pads, each exuding an aura of malevolent elegance and ferocious might. Whether you're bolstering your existing Night Lords forces or embarking on ambitious conversion projects, these shoulder pads serve as a sinister reminder of the eternal conflict that consumes the galaxy. Combine them with other components from DakkaDakka Store designs to create unique and personalized chaos space marines that embody the essence of the Night Lords legion.

Crafted from resilient ABS-like resin using cutting-edge 3D printing technology, these resin bitz offer exceptional flexibility and durability, ensuring they endure the rigors of battle on the tabletop. Perfect for 28/32 mm scale miniatures, they seamlessly integrate into your favorite wargames and board games, enhancing your gaming experience with endless customization possibilities.


  • 10 x Ambivalent Night Lords shoulder pads


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