Nighthaunt Crawlocke the Jailor

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This multi-part plastic kit contains all the parts needed to build Crawlocke the Jailor - a Spirit Torment - and 2 accompanying Chainghasts. Crawlocke himself is little more than a ghostly breath, his emaciated arms protruding from a shroud - showing the despairing faces of the damned - to grasp his large, enchanted padlock and a set of heavy locks with which he works the living. For the Spirit Torment, there is a choice of three sinister masks and his ghostly form is trapped in a cage from which dangles an hourglass filled with grave sand. The accompanying chainghasts each wear a pair of ghast flails and robes shroud their form. There are 4 different masks for the Chainghasts, all of which are fully enclosed and sinister.Also included are 8 pieces of scatter terrain - gallows pieces, broken locks and metal to upgrade their bases.

The set consists of 30 pieces and comes with 2 Citadel round bases (32mm) and one Citadel round base (40mm).


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