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Deathscythe Nightscythe of the Necrons

This multi-part plastic kit contains 51 components, a flying stick, a large oval base and a Necron transfer sheet with which to make a Night Scythe. This kit can optionally be used to build a death sickle.

The Necrons' favored invasion tool, the Nightscythe is a variant of the Deathscythe that replaces some of this fighter's heaviest weapons in favor of troop-carrying capability. That's not to say a night scythe is defenseless in any way - quite the opposite.

Like its counterpart, it is capable of combat operations in both the void and a planet's atmosphere, and it serves as an interceptor, starship assault, and fighter-bomber for Necron forces. With her turret-mounted Tesla Destructors and the unnerving screech of her engines, the Nightscythe is a formidable battleship in her own Right.

The Necron infantry units most commonly carrying Nightscythes into battle include Necron Warriors, Immortals, Deathmarks, and Lychguard.

Nightscythes are piloted by a Necron Immortal permanently attached to his plane. Because of this robotic nature, the pilot is free from fatal weaknesses and able to pilot the aircraft to higher speeds and perform more extreme maneuvers than flesh-and-blood pilots. Likewise, a night scythe is also a small starship that fulfills the role of attack ship in Necron fleets, despite the lack of a cockpit to protect the pilot; Subtleties like oxygen and pressure are of little concern to the immortal form of the Necrons.

Unlike the armored carriers of other races, the Nightscythe has no actual transport compartment. Instead, it deploys its troops using a captive wormhole, the other end of which is anchored on a distant tomb world. By being less flexible than a Monolith's Eternity Gate, it allows a Nightscythe to emulate the battlefield role of a more conventional transport vehicle without jeopardizing the existence of its assigned squad. If the Nightscythe is destroyed, its cargo party is simply isolated from the battle until an alternate use can be found. While this invariably prevents the squad from participating in the immediate battle, it is preferable to complete destruction as it allows them to join the later stages of the campaign

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