Nexus Core Box

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Immerse yourself in the enigmatic world of the "Explorer's Society," where discovery and innovation intertwine to shape a universe of endless possibilities. The offering before you beckons with models that capture the very essence of exploration and knowledge-seeking. United under the banner of the "Cadmus" keyword, these characters embody the unquenchable thirst for understanding and the allure of the unknown.

Contained within this assembly are:

  • Nexus: A beacon of information and connectivity, Nexus represents the heart of knowledge within the Cadmus keyword. A presence that mirrors the exploratory spirit, Nexus holds the threads that connect the crew and guide them through the uncharted territories that await.

  • Shambling Nests x2: Enigmatic formations that embody the spirit of Cadmus, these nests symbolize the convergence of knowledge and the organic growth that accompanies discovery. With every detail, they become embodiments of the unexplored realms and the potential that Cadmus brings to the forefront.

  • Eyes and Ears x5: A quintet of sentinels that watch over the crew, these beings represent the symbiotic relationship between exploration and vigilance. Within each model, the legacy of Cadmus is etched, reminding all that every step into the unknown is accompanied by a watchful presence.

In embracing the Cadmus keyword, this assembly becomes a tapestry that tells the story of curiosity, innovation, and the pursuit of knowledge. As you prepare and assemble each model, you contribute to the legacy of exploration that defines the Explorer's Society.


  • Nexus
  • Shambling Nests x2
  • Eyes and Ears x5


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