Neverborn Faction Book

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Dive into the shadows and embrace the allure of the unknown with the Neverborn Faction Book for Malifaux Third Edition. Within its pages, the realm of primal fears and ancient horrors awaits, offering you a glimpse into the depths of a world that defies reason and reality.

Comprising this volume is a comprehensive collection of stat cards and upgrades that unveil the chilling power of the Neverborn faction. Whether you're drawn to the enigmatic whispers of the Seeker keyword or the eerie grace of other Neverborn aspects, this book provides you with the arsenal needed to command your forces and shape their destiny.

Beyond the mechanics, the Neverborn Faction Book weaves tales of dread and desire that unfurl against the backdrop of Malifaux's twisted landscape. Explore new narratives that delve into the motives of the Neverborn and their interaction with the haunting realm they inhabit. From stories of ancient rivalries to moments of dark communion, these narratives lend depth to your battles.

With vivid descriptions, each Neverborn model springs to life, revealing their appearance, abilities, and roles within the faction's sinister agenda. From the nightmarish apparitions to the cunning manipulators of fate, the tales behind these characters interweave to form a tapestry that enriches your engagement with the Neverborn's realm.

Whether you're a steadfast devotee of the Neverborn or a curious newcomer, the Neverborn Faction Book is your guide to mastering the shadows, embracing the macabre, and understanding the raw power of the enigmatic creatures that call Malifaux home. Immerse yourself in a world of dark secrets, strategic prowess, and endless possibilities as you command the forces of the Neverborn and leave your mark upon this twisted realm.


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