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A Nephilim Jetfighter is a variant of an attack aircraft used exclusively by the Dark Angels Space Marines and their Unforgive Successor Chapter. The Nephilim's primary role is to be atmospheric interceptors, helping to keep the skies clear over the battlefield and protecting their brethren on the ground from the threat of air attack. The Nephilim can fly in the void, but only for short journeys, typically when deployed from an orbiting warship or The Rock itself. It has little combat capability outside of a planetary atmosphere.

Nephilim Jetfighters are sleek air-to-air interceptors and fighters that perfectly suit the Dark Angels' secretive mission. The Ravenwing's oversized 2nd and 3rd squads provide the pilots for these ships, and their ability to execute lightning maneuvers in high-speed warfare makes them ideal candidates for the role.

The combination of such experienced pilots with the Nephilim's heavy armament, impressive speed, and unwavering endurance has proven truly powerful, and since their introduction in the late 40th century,

Nephilim Jetfighters are sleek aircraft deployed from the battle bays of The Rock or one of the Dark Angels' Strike Cruisers. Although the Nephilim are sometimes tasked with escorting Thunderhawk gunships to their landing sites, the Nephilim's primary role is as an interceptor tasked with establishing air superiority over the battlefield, allowing their brethren to focus on ground targets without bothering to airstrikes . Nephilim jet fighters have only been used by the Dark Angels since the late 40th millennium, when the standard template design data for the upgraded engines that characterize this aircraft was discovered while in the Nephilim sector finding a suspected Fallen, Baelor the Deceiver , hunted.

Dubbed the Lionheart Engine, the technology was used to modify older Imperial fighter designs, although many features were retained to appease the plane's machine spirits. The end product was a more agile fighter with improved speed, even while carrying more powerful weapons. With a dual-barrelled laser cannon in its nose, the Nephilim is ideally suited to taking down aerial targets. It has shown itself to be an adept fighter in this role on countless occasions. Nephilim jet fighters have also proven to be more than capable in an anti-tank role. Equipped with an Avenger Mega Bolter, Nephilim have proven highly effective at smashing through enemy armor while their ground brethren, armed with standard laser cannons, destroy heavier vehicles.

Naturally, to pilot such fast attack ships, the Dark Angels turned to the Ravenwing, for the 2nd Company Astartes are cultivating the skills required for such fast maneuvers. Since its inception, all members of the Ravenwing have been trained to pilot any vehicle their company uses in combat; However, it is the oversized 2nd and 3rd Squads that have traditionally served as the company's frontline pilots. By and large, the Dark Angels exhibit a general conservatism when it comes to their gear, preferring the standard weaponry and vehicles that have served the order for thousands of Terran years.

However, Ravenwing pilots show no such stubbornness. While revering the ancient relics used in combat since the days of the Great Crusade, the Order's Techmarines constantly push for improvements, modifications or newer aircraft - anything that can increase the speed at which they bring combat to who would deny the will of the emperor. Whatever the enemy, the slender Nephilim will guard the heavens above their brethren, and the dark angels will rule the heavens.

This kit contains 88 components, a flying stem and a large oval base with which to make either a Nephilim Jetfighter or a Ravenwing Dark Talon.


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