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Step into the world of truth-seeking and information dissemination with this compelling set, embodying the investigative spirit and influence of the Journalist keyword. These figures are united by their commitment to uncovering secrets and shaping public perception on the tabletop.

Leading this ensemble is Nellie Cochrane, a fearless journalist whose determination and charisma drive her pursuit of the truth. Her presence on the battlefield is a force to be reckoned with, reflecting her ability to rally her allies and expose the hidden.

A figure of tenacity and strategic thinking, Phiona Gage complements Nellie's leadership with her own unique skills. Her abilities reflect her role as a tactician and a strong-willed contributor to the Journalist faction.

This symbolic piece embodies the power of media in shaping perception and influencing outcomes. With the ability to manipulate conditions on the battlefield, The Printing Press introduces an element of strategic depth to your gameplay.

Field Reporters round out the set, representing the diligent and curious journalists who accompany Nellie and Phiona. With their investigative skills and knack for gathering information, they provide both utility and insight to your forces.

United under the Journalist keyword, this ensemble captures the essence of the Guild's media-driven influence and pursuit of truth. Whether it's through rallying allies, strategic manipulation, or insightful reporting, these figures contribute to the shaping of narratives both on and off the battlefield. Embrace the power of information, reveal the hidden, and lead your forces with unwavering determination as you command this influential faction to victory.


  • Nellie Cochrane
  • Phiona Gage
  • The Printing Press
  • 3 Field Reporters


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