Neferata, Mortarch of Blood

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Queen Neferata is one of the Deathlords and the Mortarch of Blood, once a queen and the first vampire in the world-that-was, she was brought back to life by Nagash. She serves the god of death (rebeluctantly) not only with her armies, sorcery, and weaponry, all of which are impressive, but also with her vast network of spies that spans the realms of mortals.

Each of the Mortarchs commands his own legion in the armies of Nagash – not armies in the traditional sense, but units and formations, assemblies and circles that vary in size and composition according to the whims, inclinations and cherished traditions of their creators.

Nagash often commissions Neferata to spread corruption in the mortal realms, for which she is well prepared, skilfully using her own agents, her famous sorority, and necromantic cults, blood sects, and vampire circles to weave a web of intrigue. When she resorts to open warfare, her armies often shine in the brilliance of their own history, the mighty vampire lords and ladies vying for their fleeting favor.

Neferata herself seldom enters the battlefield unless she tries to have fun or dispel boredom.


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