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Step into the realm of twisted amalgamations and necromantic constructs with this intriguing set, embodying the power and fusion of the Amalgam and Transmortis keywords. These figures unite to create a force that combines mechanical and necromantic prowess on the tabletop.

At the forefront of this ensemble stand the Necropunks, figures that embody the amalgamation of technology and necromantic power. Their presence on the battlefield adds a layer of mechanical ingenuity and spectral energy, reflecting their role as necromantic constructs brought to life.

United under the Amalgam and Transmortis keywords, this ensemble captures the Resurrectionists' ability to merge the mechanical and the necromantic, creating eerie and powerful constructs. Whether it's through mechanical innovation, necromantic power, or the fusion of both, these figures embody the Resurrectionists' fascination with twisted creations. Embrace the power of amalgamation, command with mechanical might, and lead your Amalgam and Transmortis forces with unwavering determination as you command this unique faction to victory.


  • 3 Necropunks


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