Necropolis Stalkers

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Necropolis Stalkers

Truly disturbing beings that represent the pinnacle of soulcrafting, Necropolis Stalkers are nightmarish four-faced duelists. They are used as shock troops by the commanders of the Ossiarch Bonereapers. Armed with a multitude of blades wielded in four dexterous arms, they represent an exception to the relentless brand of warfare practiced by the majority of the Ossiarch forces. Instead, they move with unnerving, raptor-like speed and let out bone-hard screams as they leap into battle.

The weapons of the Necropolis Stalkers are diverse. These creatures fight with an eight-foot-long spirit blade held in each upper arm, perfectly suited to dismembering a human-sized foe in a single blow. Their forearms hold nadirite daggers, wielded with the dexterity a duelist might wield with a main-gauche in the off-hand – though compared to the weapons of mortal men, these blades are more like bastard swords in size and hitting with just as much violence . Some among them, particularly those harboring the spirits of warriors who favor heavy blades, instead use dire falchions, weapons imbued with so much spiritual power they can slice through stone with a scream of infused energy.

Each face of the Stalker's Square War Mask is imbued with the essence of a legendary warrior. These combine into a quadruple gestalt, any aspect of which can take control of the stalker's body at any time. These aspects are created from the souls of weapon masters, those who possessed a specialization that was greatly enhanced upon death. A Necropolis Stalker can switch from a parrying stance to a frenzy of whirling blades in an instant with a simple turn of his head. Called the Quadrarch Mask by the Mortisans, it is the hallmark of the Necropolis Stalkers' continued success through the eons.

Born from the souls of aggressive but highly controlled swordsmen, the blade-strike aspect of the Stalker is optimized for offense, a quartet of blades weaving a web of shaved metal almost impossible to avoid. It's of great use against multiple smaller enemies that can be knocked down in a short amount of time. The defensive equivalent of the style is the blade parry aspect, which takes advantage of the reaction speed, economy of movement, and counter-attack technique of a master fencer. When faced with more battle-hardened opponents, such a bulwark of warding blades can be the keystone of an immovable defense.

Stalkers facing well-armored enemies like Stormcast Eternals often switch to their Precision aspect. Watching their enemies' every move with intense concentration, they test and fake left and right, examine their opponents' defenses, and mislead their target's sword arm before stabbing a deadly blade straight into the heart. But it's the destroyer aspect that is perhaps the most terrifying to watch. With a fighting style descended from the fiercest of attackers, the Necropolis Stalkers repeatedly hack straight through enemy defenses with brute force and ferocity, while sparks of hatred and death lust flicker from the creatures' eyes as they do so.

When not at the forefront of combat, Necropolis Stalkers maintain a relentless vigil over the necropolises of Ossiarch, roaming the streets in fast-moving hunting packs. Woe to anyone foolish enough to sneak through the walls of such a city, for nothing escapes the attention of the many-eyed stalkers. Invaders are summarily dismembered, their bones removed to create even more undead Warriors.


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