Necron Triarch Praetorians

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This multi-part plastic set contains 111 components, five Citadel 32mm Round bases and two Necron transfer sheets with which to build five Necron Triarch Praetorians or five Lychguard.

The Triarch Praetorians are a specialized caste of Necrons who serve as judges and enforcers of ancient Necrontyr law. They are tasked with ensuring that each Necron Dynasty upholds the terms of the ancient laws of the Necrontyr Empire, ensuring they are never forgotten or ignored. Unlike other Necrons, Triarch Praetorians are not vassals of any particular Necron Lord or Overlord. As in ancient times, they have the right to censure nobles who act against the interests or dictates of the Triarch and Necrontyr codes of honor.

From their original creation in the eons before the War in Heaven to the close of the 41st Millennium, their purpose has remained unchanged, and they endlessly strive to restore the ancient Necrontyr dynasties. Fortunately for the rest of the galaxy's sentient races, Triarch Praetorians are a rare sight on the battlefield. Often their only contribution is to determine whether or not an opponent is honorable under the ancient Necrontyr laws, and to remind the Necron Overlord or Necron Lord in command to act in accordance with them, should that be the case. Only when a tomb world is rediscovered or attacked will the Triarch Praetorians deploy en masse to ensure that the new facility integrates seamlessly with the existing ones or is properly defended.

Equipped with the same high quality Necrodermis bodies as the Royal Necrons, Praetorians are distinguished by their tails and the rib-like Gravity Displacement Packs attached to their spikes. Triarch Praetorians typically carry Covenant Staffs, symbols of the dominion the ancient Triarch holds over the Necron dynasties and the galaxy.

Far more than symbols, Rods of Covenant are powerful and versatile weapons whose sizzling energy can be consumed in devastating short-range explosions or unleashed with breathtaking force when striking an enemy in melee combat.

Triarch Praetorians are sometimes armed with Voidblades and Particle Casters instead. Voidblades deal excruciating damage with each strike as the weapon transitions between dimensional states, severing molecular bonds and setting off a chain reaction of atomic decay.

Like all Necron particle weapons, particle launchers fire nearly invisible shots of antimatter granules that explosively react with matter.

Voidblade and Particle Caster – Some Triarch Praetorians prefer the Voidblade and Particle Caster combo over their Rod of Covenant, sacrificing the larger weapon's powerful firepower for additional close-range combat abilities. Particle launchers are a type of particle gun weapon that eject streams of tiny antimatter particles that explode on contact with matter. They are incredibly reliable, requiring only enough power to maintain the containment field that prevents the antimatter within the weapon mechanisms from detonating. Void Blades have a shiny black border that flickers and disappears. They can cause molecular bonds to break in any enemy unfortunate enough to be hit by them.

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Perfekte Ersatz für Herrscherrat
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Obwohl sie spieltechnisch zur Zeit noch im Dunkel stehen, so können durch geschickte Umbauten die Mitglieder des Herrscherrates nachgebaut werden. Die Modelle sind aber auch in ihrer eigentlichen Bestimmung eine Augenweide und es bleiben viele Bits übrig, je nach gebautem Modell und dessen Ausrüstung. Dies muss man jedoch nicht unbedingt positiv sehen, denn Umbau-Muffel bezahlen viel mit, was effektiv keinen Nutzen hat.

Robert G., 30.05.2012 Verified purchase
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