Necron Monolith

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This 123 part plastic kit makes one Necron Monolith. It comes with a 160mm Citadel round base and a clear hover stand.

A fearsome heavy support unit, the Necron Monolith is a key element in the immense arsenal of ancient technologies used by the Necrons.

A monolith is a monumental vehicle constructed of the same living metal as all other Necron vehicles. Fulfilling the roles of transport, armored destroyer, and icon of Necron power, it sows terror and destruction as it lumbers across the battlefield. The large crystal at its center pulses with a sickly green light when it uses its Power Matrix to activate either its primary weapon system, the particle whip, or the dark portal in its front section to transport other Necron units. Necron Monoliths are heavily armored and capable of self-repairing almost any damage sustained on the battlefield thanks to their outer layer of living metal. The only true way to halt a Monolith's advance is to use a sustained salvo of heavy firepower to create a breach in its armored hull, exposing vulnerable vital systems and crew.

The first wave of a Necron attack often involves teleporting monoliths onto a planet's surface to act as a beachhead for invading forces deploying through the monolith's Portals.


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