Necron Immortals

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In the pre-bioconversion era, they were the soldiers of the Necrontyr civilization: battle-hardened veterans reborn into tireless bodies of metal. While their forms lack the strength and complexity of their superiors, the Immortals were given bodies that were better constructed and armored than their smaller Necron Warrior brethren, and equipped with superior weaponry. In addition, immortals have retained the ability to speak, albeit in a flat, emotionless tone: all the better for giving orders to warriors and relaying reports to their superiors. They rarely speak in other situations and remain silent when confronted with concepts beyond their comprehension. However, there has been at least one documented instance of an Immortal verbally fighting an opponent on the battlefield.

They are true giants, towering even over a Space Marine, and have retained much of their skills and expertise from their previous lives. If anything, bioconversion has enabled them to wage wars with even greater efficiency. Unlike the Necron Warrior, who will resort to defensive protocols when not under orders, an Immortal will use every tactic and strategy at his disposal to seek victory when left to his own devices. An Immortal is unable to adapt to new types of warfare, but war has remained the same for eons despite technological advances, and an Immortal is rarely confused in this way.

Where an Immortal lacks tactical flexibility, it more than makes up for it in the quality of its armor. Immortals are able to wade through storms of heavy bolter or assault cannon fire with little to show for it except fresh carbon trails on their metallic forms. Additionally, an Immortal's self-repair systems are slightly superior to a Warrior's, allowing them to pose an even more consistent threat to the enemy. The enemy will not easily withstand an Immortal's return fire, as its Gauss blasters are capable of penetrating most armor with ease and skinning the flesh from the bones of the soldiers inside. An Immortal's fireweight only increases as it closes in on a target, and it will methodically smash through an enemy's cover until there is nowhere to hide and every nook and cranny is cleared.

Armed with either Gauss Blasters or Tesla Carbines, Necron Immortals typically enter the field in squads of 5-10 Immortals.

This multi-part plastic set contains 80 components, two Necron transfer sheets and five Citadel 32mm Round bases with which to build five Necron Immortals or five Necron Deathmarks.

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Preis Leistung unschlagbar!
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Dank Kutami ein fairer Preis für eine GW Box!
Die Rahmen lassen sich prima mit Army Painter Matt Black grundieren. Sieht sehr gut aus.

Benjamin R., 21.10.2012 Verified purchase
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