Necron Ghost Ark

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Even more than other Necron Skimmer vehicles, a Ghost Ark resembles its Architects, both in its skeletal appearance and in its slow, inevitable progression across the battlefield.

A Ghost Ark that looks a bit like a fleshless floating chest pointing at the sky lacks the overwhelming firepower of many Necron vehicles. However, the ranks of linked Gauss Flayers along each flank are more than capable of defending against most attackers.

As with many Necron vehicles, a Ghost Ark's delicate appearance belies its robust construction, which is composed of living metal and protected by layers of Quantum Shielding.

Ghost Arks roaming the battlefield menacingly following a Necron advance provide further assurance that the Legions will continue their fight until the enemy is completely overwhelmed.

Spirit Arks have existed since the very earliest days of the Necrontyr race, before biotransmission changed them forever. These first spirit arks were simple wooden carriages drawn by working beasts of burden and commissioned by the families of the dead to carry corpses from their homes to their places of internment.

Thousands of Terran years later, at the time of the Necrontyr's biotransmission into their new, immortal bodies of living metal, the now motorized spirit arks took on darker connotations. Led by fierce soldiers, they roamed the streets of the great Necrontyr cities. They were no longer concerned with the dead but with the living; for they were the means by which unwilling citizens were dragged towards the great transformation machines.

Though the leaders of the Necrontyr had sworn their allegiance to the C'tan, few of the common folk desired the change that was about to happen. Thus, the spirit arks often transported the broken bodies of those who were nearly beaten to death by government enforcers, for only a spark of life and memory was required for the biotransmission to be successful.

As resistance grew, Ghost Arks were no longer manned by flesh-and-blood soldiers, but by the first wave of converted Necrons; and there ended all pretense of mercy and compassion. With each shipment of living cargo claimed, their reputation grew murkier and their appearance murkier.

When the biotransmission was almost complete, the mere sight of a spirit ark was enough to terrify those who watched, who could no longer sense such things. Those still alive who have seen the spirit arks at work swear that the tormented souls of their victims flew close to the chariots and plagued the air with their mournful voices.

This multi-part plastic kit contains 168 components, two small flying base staffs, one large flying base and two Necron transfer sheets with which to build either a Necron Doomsday Ark or a Necron Ghost Ark.


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